Prices for EKO Compost in Missoula Montana Subject to change Please keep checking back.

These are dumping Fees:

Standard sized pick up and smaller $7.00

Small trailers: $7.00

Large trailers: $15.00

Dump trucks: $20.00

Semi trucks: $50.00

Product Pricing: Prices are Subject to Change, in 2015

EKO Compost bulk cubic yard price $ 26.00

EKO Clay Buster bulk cubic yard price $ 29.00

EKO Potting Soil bulk cubic yard price $ 50.00

EKO Outdoor Planting mix bulk cubic yard price $ 42.00

EKO Enriched Topsoil bulk cubic yard price $ 40.00

eko Compost excepts yard waste like: grass, leaves, limbs, pinecones, pine needles, woody biomass, wood that is under 16" in diameter and under 8 feet long.

EKO Compost does NOT except anything that has been painted or treated or stained, no rail road ties or food waste, garbage, hay or manure of any kind.