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In 2015 EKO Compost, is happy to present to you are new endeavor working with Wal*Mart, you need to ask for our products by name at your local Wal*Mart stores... They will be carrying our products in bags for your convenience. We are now selling in stores in Montana and the North West.


In 1977, in a mountain valley of western Montana, a unique project was launched. If successful, it would harness an age old process to turn society's least desirable commodities - bio-solids and other organic wastes - into a life enhancing product.

The project's goal was clear: Develop a process to rebuild soil depleted by decades of farming, mining or industrial use. The process had to be relatively simple and cost effective, yet 100% effective in revitalizing the soil.

The best hope lay in composting, the natural process by which micro organisms digest and transform all organic matter. What wasn't known was whether this process could be made economically viable. Or if it could purify the soils of their heavy metals and other contaminants.

As it turns out, the project was spectacularly successful in answering these questions. The Eko process is one of the most effective composting technologies ever developed. Today wastes that once clogged landfills and polluted oceans are being turned into rich, clean soil.

Introducing EKO, the company that started it all.

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At EKO Compost, our mission is simple: to keep making a product that preserves and protect nature and is Eco friendly.

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We here at Eko Compost pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

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