Old Works Golf Course:


The Old Works, A Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, was designed to clean up and beautify one of America's largest Superfund sites located in Anaconda, Montana. The course faced the staggering task of bringing back to life soil depleted by more than 100 years of copper mining and smelting.


The ratio of soil to EKO Compost was 85/15. This ratio was determined by laboratory testing in order to achieve an optimum mix to meet texture requirements.

The 85/15 blend of loam soil and EKO Compost significantly improved the infiltration rate and bulk density which will make it easier to grow healthy turf and resist compaction.

Fairway and rough playability were enhanced.

Shock from tree transplanting during landscaping operations was reduced due to a rich blend of 80% EKO Compost and 20% loam soil.


Mining waste material was capped with 2" of lime rock, 16" of clay soil and 6" of topsoil.

40,000 cubic yards of EKO Compost were mixed with clean topsoil for the fairways, native areas, roughs and backdrop landscapes.

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