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Eko Compost

Revitalizes lawns when reseeding.

Rebuilds "pet spots" & compacted areas.

Fortifies established lawns especially after airation.

Builds thicker, lusher lawns.

Produces vibrant green color, organically.

Fine screaned for easy spreading.

Ready to use on all varieties of grass.

Lawn Topdressing works by restoring organic matter to the soil. Organic matter improves soil structure, helping to develop strong, healthy root systems. It adds billions of beneficial microbes that feed nutrients to your plants, while buffering the pH balance of your soil.

United States Composting Council

Eko Compost is one of the charter members of the United States Composting Council's Seal Of Testing Assurance Program.

Every batch of EKO Compost is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets and exceeds all process and product standards, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Class A "Exceptional Quality" compost, good for unrestricted use.